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Legal aid funding for clinical negligence cases

  • Published: Monday May 27, 2019
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We at Graystons appreciate that when parents are considering legal action on behalf of their child, it can be daunting and worrying to think about how legal costs will be paid.

Legal Aid funding was largely abolished in 2013 for clinical negligence and medical negligence cases, but applications for Legal Aid can still be made in certain cases where there has been a brain injury during pregnancy or childbirth.

Graystons is one of a few specialist law firms who are still able to provide clients with Legal Aid funding for medical negligence compensation claims.

We can help you complete the Legal Aid application forms to secure funding to investigate a legal claim. If the application is approved, you will not need to pay anything for your legal fees or expert fees, even if the case does not win.

Even if the Legal Aid application is unsuccessful, you may be able to fund your case with a “No Win, No Fee” agreement with Graystons.

We at Graystons feel that there should be access to justice for all and that parents should not be prevented from receiving legal help and support due to the cost of pursuing a legal claim.

If you are considering making a making a medical negligence claim for a brain injury suffered to your child, we will be happy to discuss Legal Aid funding with you along with other funding options, so please do not hesitate to contact us.