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Continuing CPD in Covid

  • Published: Wednesday October 14, 2020
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Solicitors (and most other professionals) need to continually train year on year to maintain their knowledge and skills. This is called continuing professional development or CPD. As a member of Apil (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) and Law Society accredited solicitor I am required to gain 16 hours CPD per year. Just another challenge in the Covid era with most training usually being face to face.

This week I had a 2 full days training online. Usually conferences are in comfortable hotels in beautiful surroundings where there is the opportunity to meet some great people who share my passion for clinical negligence but like so much of my plans for 2020 it wasn’t to be.

If I’m honest I was dreading the training online. I was concerned about keeping focus for long periods when interacting only with a computer screen. I was so wrong. The training delivered by Apil (as usual) was excellent! The standard of speakers was brilliant which made it easy to stay interested but aside from that the day was expertly tailored so that there were plenty of breaks and no chances to get fed up. There was also opportunity to ask questions in real time just as you would if you were at the conference with all of those people by using a feature of Zoom that allowed speakers to be added with the facility to use their microphone as needed when the majority were muted. One speaker also had an interactive quiz asking the audience to provide an opinion on the outcome of cases as he went along.

After 2 days I got my CPD points, I learned so much about subjects I’m interested in and that will help me in my day to day work, I listened intently to people passionate about fighting for justice in clinical negligence claims and I am ready to bring that fighting spirit back for my clients.

Well done Apil for a fantastic conference. I hope we’ll be back in person next year but if not I know you’ll deliver something just as brilliant online.

2020 has undoubtedly been tough but over and over again I am learning so much and this conference was no different. Things don’t have to be difficult just because they are virtual but you need to be prepared to embrace change and do things differently but together we’ll get there. Here at Graystons we are always making changes to meet the ever changing landscape and we love to see others doing the same.

If you are concerned that you may have been injured as a consequence of clinical negligence please contact us to speak to one of our specialist team.