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Death of Cheltenham lady at Gloucester psychiatric hospital

  • Published: Monday February 24, 2020
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As reported by BBC News, the health ombudsman has held that the death of Erica Henderson, following failings by Gloucestershire Health & Care and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust, was avoidable.

The ombudsman, Rob Behrens, advised that there was a “mix up” when she changed hospitals and that she had suffered a seizure but wasn’t seen by a neurologist. He further commented that she was “sent back to the mental health hospital and she subsequently had an opportunity to take her own life, which she should not have had if the observations had been properly implemented.”

The Ombudsman’s report explains that Ms Henderson ought to have been continually observed and her medication kept under review. It also states that the deterioration of Erica’s condition ought to have been realised and acted upon in good time.

Sadly, the Ombudsman concludes that “on the balance of probabilities, her final attempt to take her own life would not have occurred, and it is more likely than not that her death would have been avoided.”

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