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Great North Run

  • Published: Monday September 20, 2021
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I did it!

Last month I wrote about my training for the Great North Run on 12 September and now I am delighted to say, I did it!  It was a huge personal achievement for me and I am so proud to have raised £870 for the charity.

The spectacle of the race in Newcastle was fantastic.  The camaraderie of the runners; the outpouring of love from the charities and families that had come to support their runners and the positivity that the local people brought at all stretches of the race was quite special.  I was so pleased to have had the opportunity to be a part of it.  My own personal struggle to fit training in amongst work and my home life seemed insignificant when I ran alongside a man who was running his 30th Great North Run; a woman with a broken leg; a soldier carrying logs on his back and a daughter pushing her mum in a wheelchair.  They were all raising money for charities that were special to them.

I was running for AvMA, Action for Medical Accidents AvMA; a charity close to my heart because I see every day of my working life why we need a charity that campaigns for patient safety; offers support to families and patients who need it when they are most vulnerable; provide resources for legal and medical professionals and so much more.  When the wonder that is our NHS is under threat AvMA will fight to the last to ensure that the rights of patients remain the utmost priority.  If the worst happens and something goes wrong the AvMA advice line will be there to take a call and offer advice, support and guidance as to what options patients have.  A wonderful charity that I am honoured to have represented.

My running journey will continue and I will continue to champion the efforts of AvMA.  Who knows what next year will have in store?