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Illegible medical records risk lives

  • Published: Saturday October 12, 2019
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Data from NHS Improvement records show that NHS Trusts in England have reported that at least 43 patients were seriously injured and 20 died because of failings in record keeping. Handwritten notes were illegible or missing which has led to misunderstandings and mistakes in treating patients. It seems that in today’s world these failings should not occur and records should be kept digitally and available to all that provide the medical care needed. Unfortunately however this is not the case. At Graystons we can help you find out if something has gone wrong with your care or the care of a loved one and if it has caused harm or death we will help you with your claim against the providers of care. These mistakes should not happen and hopefully the Trusts will learn from the errors and Graystons look forward to a more efficient, digital system to help everyone concerned.