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Inquiry into mental health care provided by NHS Mental Health Trusts in Essex

  • Published: Tuesday March 29, 2022
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As reported by the BBC, an inquiry led by Dr Geraldine Strathdee, is investigating the deaths of 1,500 patients who died whilst under the care of NHS mental health service being provided in Essex.

The inquiry was established in January 2021 following concerns raised by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, after the death of two young males whilst under the care of NHS mental health services in Essex.

Dr Strathdee and her team will be looking into 21 areas of care provided by the mental health services in Essex, including the management of drug regimes, assessing the risk of patients who self-harm and/or attempt suicide, and the physical restraining of patients. So far, the inquiry has identified three main failings

  • Patients and their families being given too little information about their treatment and chances of recovery.
  • Big differences in the quality of the care patients received
  • Serious concerns about patients’ physical, mental and sexual safety while on a ward

Whilst it is encouraging that an inquiry is now underway, and has highlighted the massive failings on the part of the NHS Trusts involved, it has been criticised for being “non-statutory” and therefore not having the power to compel witnesses to testify.

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