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Waiting lists for surgery

  • Published: Thursday October 8, 2020
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It has been announced that those patients who had been on waiting lists for surgery throughout the coronavirus pandemic are likely to be reassessed before surgery is offered. The Daily Telegraph reports that, over four million patients on NHS hospital waiting lists will be reassessed under a national review launched amid fears that health chiefs have prioritised coronavirus cases over other health problems, including cancer cases. It has been commented that all patients should be contacted by 23 October before the review ends.

This news will bring further concern to individuals and families alike who have been left in limbo as a result of the global pandemic and health care restrictions.

If you, or a loved one, has been affected by a delay in receiving treatment please contact Graystons Solicitors for independent advice. We can also advise you of your potential funding options and whether you may be offered a ‘no win no fee’ agreement.