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Inquests- We can help

  • Published: Tuesday March 29, 2022
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An inquest is a formal investigation by a coroner to establish how someone has died. Inquests are usually opened in the event of a sudden, unexpected death and where the cause is unknown. The aim of an inquest is to determine four elements, who has died and where, when and how they died. This process can take several months with evidence being collected and witnesses being interviewed.

Inquests are often very traumatic and emotional experiences for families, and for that reason, it can be invaluable to have professional support during the process.

A coroner cannot apportion blame or reach a finding of criminal or civil liability at the conclusion of an inquest- which can feel frustrating. As mentioned, the purpose of an inquest is to make a factual determination as to how someone came by their death.

Here at Graystons Solicitors we are experienced in dealing with fatal claims and may be able to provide support during the inquest process.

If you have recently been bereaved and have concerns this was due to medical negligence, please contact us to discuss your options.