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Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust Maternity Care Scandal – The Ockenden Report

  • Published: Tuesday March 29, 2022
  • Category: Maternity
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Following on from our blog earlier this year, the enquiry into Britain’s worst maternity scandal will come to an end this week with the publication of senior midwife, Donna Ockenden’s report.

As reported by The Telegraph, the five-year review is set to conclude that 300 babies died avoidably or suffered brain damage which is a considerable increase on the figure quoted by the interim report published in 2020 of 250 babies.

The five-year review was prompted by the emergence of multiple cases of stillbirths, maternal deaths and babies born with brain injuries at the Trust dating back 20 years which have since been attributed to the Trust’s fixation to deliver natural births even in situations where it would have been safer to proceed with a caesarean.

The families affected by the scandal have said that this should be a “watershed moment” for the NHS describing what they have witnessed as an institutional and systemic failure of regional health care at all levels.

The finalised report is due to be published officially on 30 March 2022.

You will find The Telegraph’s full article at Three hundred babies died or suffered brain damage in Shropshire maternity scandal, report finds (telegraph.co.uk)

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