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Death of 26 year old following delays in diagnosing cervical cancer

  • Published: Tuesday August 25, 2020
  • Category: NHS
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As reported by the Liverpool Echo, in June 2018 Alexandra Hodson received a diagnosis of cervical cancer following her first smear test.

Prior to this, Ms Hodson had presented to her GP surgery with classic symptoms of the cervical cancer including bleeding between periods and pain during, and after, sexual intercourse. A nurse apparently advised Ms Hodson that her symptoms were normal and likely as a result of her contraceptive injection.

Following Ms Hodson’s first smear test, a tumour was found in her cervix and she commenced radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In April 2020, her family received the devastating news that treatment had been ineffective and Ms Hodson’s cancer was terminal.

Ms Hodson tragically passed away on 8th August 2020.

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