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NHS Consultant convicted of gross negligence manslaughter

  • Published: Wednesday July 20, 2022
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A Consultant Haematologist, previously working at Royal Oldham Hospital, has been convicted of gross negligence manslaughter following a substandard and failed attempt at a bone marrow extraction.

Dr Isyaka Mamman, 85 years of age and who had previously lied about his age to avoid retirement, carried out the procedure to such a poor standard that his patient suffered a severe bleed and sadly died as a result.

To add to the devastation Dr Mamman caused, it was discovered he had previously caused injuries to other patients in the past whilst carrying out the same procedure, including an incident in 2015 during which he shoved his knee so hard into his patient’s back that the needle used to extract the bone marrow bent.  In addition, he had previously been banned from practising by the General Medical Council in 2005 due to discrepancies over his correct date of birth.

This latest incident arose after Dr Mamman failed to take a bone marrow sample from his patient’s hip. He then attempted to take it from her breastbone, making several attempts at it before piercing her heart sac and causing massive internal bleeding, which sadly led to her death.

At Manchester Crown Court, Mrs. Justice Yip sentenced Dr Mamman to three years in prison after he admitted the charge of gross negligence manslaughter, noting she found it hard to understand why his previous conduct had not led to his retirement and why he was allowed to continue to work.

Royal Oldham Hospital, which is run by Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust, has been asked why they did not do more to prevent this incident from happening.

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Sean McCann (July 2022)