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Medical treatment during the Covid 19 pandemic

  • Published: Thursday August 20, 2020
  • Category: NHS
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As a result of the pandemic, patients accessing medical treatment during lock-down have faced cancellations and seen their treatment coming to a standstill. In some cases telephone or video appointments have been offered and NHS bodies including NHS England have encouraged both telephone and video consultations as a means of patients receiving ongoing healthcare.

According to NHS England, the decision to offer this type of appointment is to be made on a case by case basis, by an appropriate medical professional, and should be assessed based on the patient’s individual circumstances and care needs.

Many hospital trusts are highlighting cost and time savings for the NHS, as well as the additional convenience for elderly and disabled patients who struggle to attend appointments. 

 There is however a concern that reducing face to face consultations will lead to symptoms and conditions being overlooked, or missed entirely. It is also unclear what part the patient is able to play in making the decision about whether to see someone in person or attend a telephone or video consultation.

 At Graystons, we have years of experience in acting for patients with medical negligence claims. Although the use of technology as a means to benefit patients is to be welcomed,  it is clear from our extensive experience of dealing with medical negligence claims that there is no substitute for a thorough physical examination and proper history obtained from from the patient in person.

If you are concerned about treatment provided to you or a loved one, please contact one of our specialist medical negligence solicitors who will be happy to discuss things with you. There is no charge for this initial advice and we will be able to discuss your options, including how to fund a legal claim and the possibility of a no win no fee agreement.