NHS Health Board announces a ‘rapid review ‘ on a controversial policy that denies single women the chance to have children through IVF

  • Published: Monday August 26, 2019
  • Category: NHS
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The NHS South East London Commissioning Alliance only offers treatment to couples who are in a ‘stable relationship’. After fierce criticism Health chiefs have announced a ‘rapid review’ of the policy which it described as ‘outdated’.

However, the story only serves to highlight the extent to which procedures such as IVF, hip replacements and cataract surgery are rationed in order to save NHS  money.

Guidelines from the Health watchdog recommend all eligible women under 40 should get 3 full IVF cycles after 2 years of trying to get pregnant naturally. However, figures from 2018 reveal that only 13% of areas in England offer the full amount of cycles, a fall of 24% from 2013.  Some areas have stopped offering IVF at all. Where, as a result of clinical negligence, IVF treatment is required, Claimants are often faced with arguments by Defendants that private IVF treatment cannot be justified because treatment via the NHS is available. These latest figures show this may not be the case and that provision for private treatment must be included within any settlement.

If you or a loved one have been affected by fertility issues arising from clinical negligence and you wish to consider a legal claim you can contact Graystons for further assistance. We can also advise you on the range of funding options available to you , including whether you may be able to fund a legal action under a ‘no win, no fee agreement.