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NHS Resolution extravasation findings

  • Published: Monday March 21, 2022
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NHS Resolution, the organisation that manages negligence claims against the NHS, have recently published their findings into claims for extravasation injuries suffered by NHS patients between April 2010 and December 2021. During the period 214 claims have been settled in favour of the Claimant.

The document helpfully also details ways that medical staff can avoid these events in the future including ongoing staff education of both local and manufacturers guidance, which will hopefully reduce these injuries going forward.

What is an extravasation injury? 

Extravasation is defined as ‘the accidental leakage of any liquid from a vein into the surrounding tissues, which can cause serious harm to the patient (NHS England, 2017)’

Causes of extravasation injury

NHS Resolution identified the following as some of the contributing factors to extravasation injuries;

  • Incorrect medication infusion pump pressures
  • Wrong route of administration
  • Failure to act on patient complaints of pain or discomfort
  • Delay in identifying extravasation injury
  • Staff not following manufacturers or local guidance on administration of intravenous drugs

Here at Graystons Solicitors we believe that nobody should attend to receive medical treatment and suffer an injury as a result of such errors.

How we can help.

At Graystons Solicitors we have experience in supporting clients who have suffered extravasation injuries to bring a claim for damages. The damages pursued help our clients to recover compensation for their pain and suffering along with expenses related to time off work and cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of the injury.

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