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Those living in deprived areas less likely to receive early cancer diagnosis

  • Published: Monday September 2, 2019
  • Category: NHS
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A recent report by the Detect Cancer Early programme (DCE) has shown that those who live in deprived areas are less likely to receive early cancer diagnoses than those living in more affluent areas.

It is important that cancer is identified as early as possible so as to give patients the best chances of recovery. The failure to detect cancer when it is in its early stages can have devastating effects on patients and their families; as it can mean that cancer may be less treatable. In the case of more aggressive forms of cancer, it may even mean that the cancer is, sadly, not treatable at all.

If you have concerns regarding a delayed diagnosis of cancer, one of our specialist clinical negligence solicitors would be happy to speak with you and advise you on your options, including a formal complaint and a legal claim. There is no initial charge for discussing this with us and we will talk you through your options, including how to fund a case and the possibility of a no win no fee arrangement (conditional fee agreement or CFA).