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University Hospital Southampton delays in treating eye condition

  • Published: Monday November 11, 2019
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A young mother has been awarded a sum of £3.2m in compensation after delays on the part of University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust in treating an eye condition.

The lady in her 30s, visited her optician in June 2016 after noticing her sight worsening and was diagnosed with glaucoma and referred to Southampton Eye Hospital. She was then prescribed eye-drops and told she would have follow-up appointments, but she was not was not seen by a Consultant at the Trust until over 18 months, in February 2018. At that point, her deteriorating vision could not be reversed and she was left permanently blind.

In a statement, University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust set out that they have taken a number of steps to address the backlog in follow-up appointments and that all patients are now being risk-assessed to ensure those most in need are seen at the earliest opportunity.

However, concerns remain as an internal NHS serious investigation report drafted in 2018 found 15 other patients were left blind or with worsened sight loss after delays in identifying their risk factors.

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