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Weston General A&E rated inadequate

  • Published: Wednesday December 18, 2019
  • Category: NHS
  • Tags: safety-standards,

Sadly, we are used to hearing about examples of NHS services being stretched to the limit and in some circumstances the service is unable to cope.

This week the BBC reported that the Care Quality Commission had safety concerns over Western General Hospital’s A&E department following its investigation in September. The main criticism was over staff shortages and the support for the existing staff; a problem first warned about in April 2019.


At Graystons we wholeheartedly appreciate the value of the NHS and the hardworking staff. Unfortunately, however mistakes do happen especially when the NHS is under so much pressure. These medical accidents can lead to life changing injuries for patients and their families. We are here to support families get answers should this happen and can help secure fair compensation should lives be affected in such a way.