On 12th September I’ll be running The Great North Run. I will be raising money for the wonderful AVMA (Action Against Medical Accidents). 

I come from a family of long-distance runners but I am not a natural runner and every step is a challenge. Before my children were born I enjoyed running with my dad and sister but children and work took over and exercise was never a priority. Now I’m looking for pockets in my day to make sure that I am ready for a 13-mile slog. 

I accept this challenge, albeit hard, because AVMA work tirelessly for patient safety; making sure that our grandparents, parents, children and friends are safe when they are at their most vulnerable and need an advocate in the hospital, in law and in politics; especially now when the pandemic is overworking our fantastic nurses, doctors and all wider healthcare professionals and our government is quietly taking away their voice. At Graystons we are asked to help those that have suffered as a result of a medical accident and we understand the importance of charities like AVMA. 

Let’s help AVMA protect what we have for those that we love now and for those that they will love in the future!

If you have suffered because of a medical accident please call us and one of our experienced team would be happy to discuss it with you.