Less than half of the expected number of operations have gone ahead on the NHS since Jan 2020. The NHS Confederation has warned that there is a hidden backlog of people waiting for treatment as there have been potentially 6 million fewer GP referrals for routine treatments in England alone, as a result of the pandemic.

It is understandable that the unforeseen pandemic has had a knock-on effect onto NHS services and treatments, however 1000’s of people are still awaiting treatment or investigations for illnesses such as cancer. Treatment for some has come to a complete standstill leaving them in a state of constant pain and suffering.

If you believe that you have received substandard medical treatment from the NHS or private medical body, in England or Wales, and have suffered pain and suffering as a direct result of this treatment, please feel free to contact Graystons Solicitors. We have an experienced team who solely specialise in medical negligence.

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