As reported by BBC News, Susan Warby suffered a perforated bowel in July 2018 for which she received treatment from West Suffolk Hospital. After her surgery, Ms Warby was mistakenly given a dextrose drip instead of a saline drip and remained on the wrong drip for some 36 hours. Staff noted a rise in her blood sugar levels but, instead of checking the drip, they administered Ms Warby with insulin. This was held by coroner, Nigel Parsley, to have contributed to Ms Warby’s tragic death on 30th July 2018.

Delivering his conclusion, Nigel Parsley stated that “Susan Warby died as the result of the progression of a naturally occurring illness (her bowel perforation), contributed to by unnecessary insulin treatment, caused by erroneous blood test results.” He further stated that “This, in combination with her other co-morbidities reduced her physiological reserves to fight her naturally occurring illness.”

The Trust have apologised for the failings in Ms Warby’s care and have promised to review the coroner’s findings in detail.

At Graystons we are very experienced in helping guide families  through inquests. In cases where clinical negligence has contributed to a loved ones death we are able to help you through the inquest process and help you to investigate what has happened and hopefully get some answers.


One of the questions you may have in regards to making a claim for medical negligence is how long does a medical negligence claim take?

Making a medical negligence claim does take time, as these are invariably very complex cases and proving medical negligence is not always straightforward.

As a rough guide, if the claim is not defended, it may take somewhere between 12-18 months to reach a conclusion. If court proceedings have to be commenced, the claim may take 3-4 years. For a complex, case which is defended, or involves a serious ongoing injury or illness, the claim could take 5 years or more to conclude. The time it takes should not put you off and it is important not to delay if you think you have been injured as a result of medical negligence. At Graystons Solicitors, our specialist solicitors will support you throughout the life of the claim and ensure that you get the best result possible, whether that means compensation, access to early rehabilitation or treatment, or even an explanation or an apology from the hospital or healthcare provider concerned. Contact us now for free initial legal advice about your claim.