On 4th October 2021 I will be running the London Marathon for clinical negligence specialists, Graystons Solicitors in support of the Headway, the UK’s leading national charity which is dedicated to promoting the understanding of all aspects of brain injury.

Headway also provides support and services to individuals and families of those who have suffered brain injuries.  Graystons solicitors is a law firm based in the northwest of England which specialises exclusively in clinical negligence claims, including dealing with brain injuries sustained from birth, surgical errors, delays in treatment or a misdiagnosis.

As a result of the pandemic, the crucial services which Headway provides are needed more than ever.  The current crisis has made life even more challenging by effects such as memory problems, impaired reasoning and difficulties coping with change.

Headway’s recent “Life in Lockdown” campaign has shone light on the invisible effects of brain injury that can lead to isolation and what brain injury survivors have to deal with on a daily basis.  The effects of a brain injury often cause subtle changes to an individual’s personality and cognitive functioning, which are not fully appreciated.

As noted by Headway Chief Executive Peter McCabe,

“…The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the effects of isolation into sharp focus, but this is an issue that brain injury survivors and their loved ones can face on a daily basis as a result of their condition.

“The complex effects of a brain injury can cause profound changes to a survivor’s personality, emotional control and behaviour, as well as their cognitive ability, causing significant barriers to them fully engaging with society.

“In addition to this, many carers and close family members can feel isolated as the pressures of caring make it more difficult for them to communicate or interact with friends and family, often leading to their own social and support networks drifting away…”

The long term impacts that the pandemic will have on brain injury survivors is unknown. However, Headway’s recent study showed that 62% of respondents have an increased fear of the future and other findings indicate huge implications on the mental health of brain injury survivors.


As a charity that relies on voluntary donations, the past 18 months have been challenging for Headway and the long-term impact of this crisis will continue for many more months, if not years.  All donations are therefore very much appreciated and will go to helping Headway to provide the services and support to those in need.

If you or a family member has suffered and a brain injury, through birth or other means, please contact me at  Graystons can help you in bringing a claim if the brain injury has been caused as a result of clinical negligence.  We understand the physical and emotional effects that a brain injury involves for the survivor and their family, and have the legal expertise to offer a free assessment and personal support to you throughout the claim.