As reported by BBC news, Joshua Sahota was admitted to the Wedgewood House Mental Health Unit in August 2019 following a decline in his mental health.

At inquest, it was found that insufficient staffing levels, including failing to have a psychologist in post, contributed to Mr Sahota sadly taking his own life on 9 September 2019.

It was also found that there was confusion regarding the sorts of items which were banned from the ward; this meant that Mr Sahota had access to a plastic bag which was a restricted item. Access to this restricted item tragically contributed to Mr Sahota’s death by asphyxia. 

 Other factors found to have contributed to Mr Sahota’s death included inadequate observations, failures to document a crisis plan and failures to efficiently put in place a care plan. 

The Chief Executive of the Trust, Stuart Richardson, issued an apology to Mr Sahota’s family and advised that steps have been taken to improve their internal processes to try and reduce the chances of similar incident occurring again in the future.

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