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We are medical negligence claims management specialists, fighting for the justice that you deserve.

Graystons Solicitors is a law firm based in Chester, UK. We specialise solely in medical negligence compensation claims and have successfully represented clients throughout the UK who have sustained an injury as a result of sub-standard medical treatment.


Have you been a victim of injury through medical negligence? Are you unsure about how to pursue a compensation claim and who best to talk to and trust? Graystons Solicitors professionally accredited support and guidance will fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Our dedicated team provide professional representation and expert legal advice.

Our experienced medical negligence lawyers provide expert legal advice and have consistently achieved excellent results for our clients. We are dedicated to maximising the potential compensation available for your legal claim.

Healthcare professionals exist to provide a duty of care and we respect everything they do to look after us, but sometimes medical accidents happen. Unfortunately, there is no surgical procedure or medical treatment that can be guaranteed to be 100% effective so if you have suffered an injury due to negligence of a GP, nurse or surgeon, then you may be entitled to compensation.


Our specialist medical negligence team can assist you in bringing a medical negligence claim against the people and/or organisations responsible.

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