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Medical Negligence Claim Process

Your medical negligence claim guide to help you throughout the process.

Graystons Solicitors provides a dedicated and personal service to victims of accidents in hospitals or whilst receiving medical attention. With Graystons you will always deal personally with a qualified solicitor, specialising in your claim. Graystons is Lexcel accredited. Lexcel is the Law Society’s legal practice quality mark for excellence in legal practice management and excellence in client care.

The Claim Process:

  1. Our team of specialist clinical negligence solicitors review your case and tell you whether or not we can take it on, advising you about funding options.

  2. You will be in contact with your nominated lawyer who will obtain relevant information including your medical treatment history and details of the problems that you have experienced.

  3. A written statement of the history of your medical treatment, which we ask you to approve, is prepared. We obtain all of your relevant medical records from all of your treating doctors and hospitals.

  4. The written statement and the medical records are forwarded to a suitably experienced qualified and independent medical expert. If their opinion is that substandard care was provided, further independent expert’s medical opinion will be sought on whether this substandard care has, in fact, resulted in an injury and if so, to what extent.

  5. We advise you whether or not you have a claim that can be pursued and if so what compensation you can expect to receive if it succeeds.

  6. If the claim can proceed we meet with all of the medial experts and a barrister, who also specialises in medical and clinical negligence claims, to discuss and agree on how best to pursue the claim.

  7. We send a formal Letter of Claim to the Defendant that sets out details of your claim. The Defendant’s Solicitors have 4 months to respond to the Letter of Claim. When they respond, if the claim is admitted, we negotiate a fair and reasonable amount of compensation for you.

  8. If it is not possible to settle the claim at this stage, court proceedings will be started.

  9. If you win you will be awarded compensation by the Judge who will also order the Defendants to pay the legal costs and expenses.


By Julie Grayston - Director

The team at Graystons are ready to help guide you through your claim from review to settlement.

Our dedicated team provide professional representation and expert legal advice.

Your expert clinical and medical negligence solicitor will guide you through every step of your claim. If you would like Graystons Solicitors on your side, complete our online enquiry form or call us on 0151 645 0055 for a no-cost, no-obligation discussion with one of our solicitors. Alternatively, you can contact us in total confidence via the link below. 

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