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Amputation Compensation Claims

Medical negligence expertise to help with amputation compensation claims.

Amputation has life-changing and permanent effects and can cause an enormous shift in how people view themselves, their families and loved ones and their exact societal position. Amputees can lose their livelihood overnight and need time to rebuild, change and adapt. Life needs to be rebuilt with rehabilitation, care, treatment and often psychological and physical therapy. In addition, the knowledge that amputation could’ve been avoided can be tough to accept.

A medical negligence claim against amputation can include compensation for care in the future; prosthetics that suit the individual; accommodation; equipment; therapy, and treatment if needed. Following an amputation, there can be immense worry about the future and how life will be when learning to cope with an injury. With the advice of well-respected and experienced medical experts, Graystons will first consider what went wrong, how it could have been avoided and then the possibilities for the future.

We are passionate about supporting amputees. At Graystons, we have experience in helping people when they have suffered amputation. We start by learning about what has happened and listen to the concerns of the individual approaching us. An experienced medical negligence specialist will then explain how we can use our unique skill set to bring a claim.

Graystons use medical experts who are both specialists in their particular field and in acting as medical experts in claims to help prove the claim. To successfully bring a claim, we must prove that the patient suffered substandard treatment and, as a direct consequence of that treatment, amputation was suffered. In claims involving amputation, this will often start with orthopaedic or vascular surgeons. Beyond them, we will usually need experts in care, rehabilitation; occupational therapy; physiotherapy and more to ensure every aspect of the injury and its impact is considered.

Accessing NHS support can be challenging, and funds cannot stretch to all the needs of an amputee. When Graystons can bring a successful claim, in addition to basic needs, we will listen to our client’s specific goals, helping them get what they need to achieve those goals. These can allow them to regain independence, get back into work caring for their family, or something else.

Graystons are dedicated to every individual client we serve and take pride in our unique client-focused approach. Every client has a dedicated solicitor who will be on hand in person, on the phone, via email or video link. We work with our clients to ensure that the approach to their claim is what works best for them as an individual.

We are recognised as specialists in Clinical Negligence. Fully accredited members of the Association of Victims of Medical Accidents and the Law Society panel of clinical negligence specialists.

If you have suffered and would like advice from a specialist solicitor, please call us on 0151 645 0055 or contact us via the form below, where we would be pleased to provide a free, no-obligation chat to discuss your options.


By Kathleen Jones - Solicitor

Graystons provide a real difference to their clients, it has remained a small, compassionate collection of individuals that really care. 

Graystons are ready to help

Our dedicated team provide professional representation and expert legal advice.

Graystons solicitors have the expertise to deal with all amputation claims caused as a result of medical negligence.


As a specialised niche firm that deals exclusively with medical negligence claims, Graystons has the ability to give your amputation claim the attention it deserves.  By making a claim, we may be able to ensure the individual is compensated for the injury itself and also provide for the cost of future caring needs and any assistive technology the individual needs.  

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