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Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis of Fractures

Medical negligence claims support for misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of fractures.

Graystons Solicitors are a niche medical negligence firm based in Capenhurst, near Chester, which have a specialist team of solicitors and a highly trained support team who would be pleased to help you with your orthopaedic injury claim.

Claims regarding fractures or broken bones can include any bone in the body. This could be in the legs, feet, arms, hands, spine, jaw or other body bones. Negligence could arise following treatment from several healthcare providers, including GPs, nursing staff; hospital doctors and surgeons; physiotherapists and others.

Broken bones are common injuries that health professionals see daily in children, adults and the elderly. Often they can be diagnosed and treated quickly, and the outcome is good. However, when the injury is complicated by negligent treatment, the effect of a fracture or broken bone can be devastating and life-changing. The effects are not just to the bones themselves but can cause damage to the surrounding soft tissue, muscles, joints and nerves. As a result, the pain and the damage can go much further than the site of the original injury. Injuries can result in a reduction or loss of mobility, ongoing debilitating pain and psychological ramifications.

Medical negligence in the management of broken bones or fractures can cause injury to be prolonged, or in the worst cases, the damage can be permanent. The outcome could have been better if the injury had been appropriately managed. Medical negligence in cases of broken bones or fractures could be a consequence of: -

  • Failure to take a proper history after injury, so fracture wasn't suspected;

  • Failure to order the correct x-rays to diagnose a fracture;

  • Failure to order an x-ray at all;

  • Failure to take proper care in analysing x-rays;

  • Failure to treat a fracture appropriately.

How Graystons can help.

Graystons are dedicated to every individual client we serve and take pride in our unique client-focused approach. Every client has a dedicated solicitor who will be on hand in person, on the phone, via email or video link. We work with our clients to ensure that the approach to their claim is what works best for them as an individual.

If you have suffered an injury that you think has been complicated by negligence and would like advice from a specialist solicitor, please call us. We would be pleased to provide a free, no-obligation chat to discuss your options.


By Emma Fawdry - Solicitor

Graystons provide a real difference to their clients, it has remained a small, compassionate collection of individuals that really care. 

Graystons are ready to help

Our dedicated team provide professional representation and expert legal advice.

Graystons solicitors have the expertise to deal with all claims caused as a result of medical negligence.


As a specialised niche firm that deals exclusively with medical negligence claims, Graystons has the ability to give your injury claim the attention it deserves.  By making a claim, we may be able to ensure the individual is compensated and also provide for the cost of future caring needs and any assistive technology the individual needs.  

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