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Medical Negligence Inquests

If you have lost a loved one and there is a Coroner's inquest due, Graystons can help. 

An Inquest will usually be held in public at the Coroner’s Court. At this hearing, the circumstances of death are examined by the Coroner and he or she may call relevant witnesses to give evidence about how the deceased died.

Certain individuals, including the deceased’s family, have a right to participate in the Inquest and ask questions of the witnesses called to give evidence.

Coroner’s proceedings are separate from other criminal or civil proceedings which may arise out of death. However, the Coroner’s findings may be relevant to any medical negligence claim which may be started due to the circumstances of the death.


We have helped many families obtain answers about the circumstances of how their loved ones died and helped to highlight factors which may have contributed to their death.

Advice and representation

At Graystons Solicitors, we are able to provide advice and representation in relation to the Coroner’s Inquest. We can also assist in relation to any related medical negligence claims.

In certain circumstances, Legal Aid is available to the family of the deceased to cover the costs of the inquest. Alternatively, we may be able to offer other funding options or agree to a fixed fee for our representation during the inquest.

In the event of a related medical negligence claim being successful, it may also be possible to recover a proportion of the costs of the Inquest through this claim. If you would like to discuss further how Graystons may be able to assist, please contact one of our solicitors on 0151 645 0055

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By Lydia Brindley - Solicitor & Legal Director at Graystons

Graystons are ready to help

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