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Spinal Injury Claims

We are medical negligence solicitors ready to help with spinal injury compensation claims.

Claims in respect of spinal injuries can include claims relating to spinal cord injury or specifically Cauda Equina Syndrome, a condition that can occur when the nerves in the spinal cord become compressed and when it occurs it is a true medical emergency to ensure that the right treatment is given. Medical negligence claims can arise from a delay in diagnosis; a delay in treatment; poor performance of surgery or inappropriate treatment

Negligence could arise following treatment from a number of healthcare providers including GPs; nursing staff; hospital doctors and surgeons; physiotherapists and others.

The effect of spinal injuries can be devastating and life-changing. Injuries can include loss of mobility; control of the bladder and bowel; sexual dysfunction; infertility and ongoing debilitating pain.

Following a spinal injury, you may be worried about your future and what you may need to cope with your injury. A medical negligence claim can include compensation for care in the future; accommodation; equipment; therapy and treatment if needed. With the advice of well-respected and experienced medical experts, Graystons will help you to consider the possibilities for the future.

Making a medical negligence claim can be a daunting process, particularly when the effects are life-changing. Our specialist team will guide you through that process from beginning to end.

How Graystons can help.

Graystons are dedicated to each and every individual client we serve and take pride in our unique client-focused approach. Every client has a dedicated solicitor who will be on hand in person, on the phone, via email or video link. We work with our clients to ensure that the approach to their claim is what works best for them as an individual.

We are recognised as specialists in Clinical Negligence. Fully accredited members of the Association of Victims of Medical Accidents and the Law Society panel of clinical negligence specialists.

If you have suffered and would like advice from a specialist solicitor, please call us on 0151 645 0055 or contact us via the form below. Where we would be pleased to provide a free, no-obligation chat to discuss your options.


By Lydia Brindley - Director

Graystons provide a real difference to their clients, it has remained a small, compassionate collection of individuals that really care. 

Graystons are ready to help

Our dedicated team provide professional representation and expert legal advice.

Graystons solicitors have the expertise to deal with all spinal injury claims caused as a result of medical negligence.


As a specialised niche firm that deals exclusively with medical negligence claims, Graystons has the ability to give your injury claim the attention it deserves.  By making a claim, we may be able to ensure the individual is compensated for the injury itself and also provide for the cost of future caring needs and any assistive technology the individual needs.  

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